Event Room Lighting

Room Lighting

Up-lighting can transform any room into a unique and beautiful atmosphere.  Our lighting can be programmed to any color pattern, whether you want it to match your party's theme, dress color, etc. Up-lighting adds class to your venue, and really highlights the structure of the room.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting adds so much to a party.  These lights are able to not only add a club-like atmosphere to your dance sets, they can be used to spotlight the important moments of your party.  During your grand entrance, we can have to lights follow you into the room.  During any special moments, whether it be a father/daughter dance, candle-lighting, or cake-cutting, the lights will be on you at that very moment.  

Event Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Add something interactive to your party with our brand new photo booth.  Your guests will be able to capture memories from the event as well as upload any pictures to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  A trained attendant will be working the entire time making sure everything is running properly.

Custom Monogram


Add elegance to your room by using one of our custom monograms.  You can either use your initials or name, plus the date of your event.  The image can either be stationary or rotating.  

LED Video Wall

Video Wall

Add something to your party that you can't find anywhere else.  Our state of the art video wall can play or stream music videos, montages, live images, or any design of your choice.  This feature will put your party over the top and will be sure to have your guests amazed.

Dancing on the clouds

Dancing On The Clouds