The Difference

Our weddings always include a two man crew.  You get a professional DJ and a professional Emcee.  Why?  Because it makes for better entertainment.  We do not believe in having an Event Host handle introductions, then stand behind the DJ booth for the rest of the night, while his assistant does nothing for the entire party.  That's boring.  And we really don't like doing boring.



Starting at $1050



Open Air Option

Photobooths are an extra form of entertainment for your event.  All of our booths include unlimited prints, props, memory books, customized photo strips, social media and text capabilities, as well as a Photobooth Attendant.  Our booths are sleek and modern looking.  You don't have this eye saw in the corner of the room, instead you have a clean, symmetrical area with all wires hidden and a decorative backdrop. 

GIF Booth

Add the option of recording GIFs and Boomerangs to your booth.  These make for the perfect Instagram posts.  

Photobooth 4.jpg